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05 march 2020
Map service MAPS.ME and the WWF presented their routes through habitats of endangered animal species on March 4, 2020. Users of the service will also be able to make a donation for WWF-Russia in just a few clicks

Altogether, MAPS.ME has added seven routes by the WWF-Russia. Maps indicate places where the Amur tiger, polar bear, Atlantic walrus, bison, snow leopard, saiga, Caucasian leopard and mountain reindeer can be found. Each guide contains information about the species' life, interesting facts, and a link to the WWF-Russia website for users to contribute to wildlife rescue.

Even by reading descriptions of the routes, user can learn many interesting things. For example, they can learn that the saiga was a contemporary to the mammoth, that the polar bear can walk up to 20 km a day, and that the snow leopard can jump up to 10 m high.

"People are responsible for the balance in the world around, which means also for preserving the natural ecosystem that has been developing for billions of years. We are happy that together with the WWF we can give our users an opportunity to contribute to environmental protection," says Evgeniy Lisovskiy, Director of the MAPS.ME project.

"The collaboration with the MAPS.ME app is very important to us since about 140 million people in the world use the service today. We certainly can say that we have created a unique, high-quality educational product. Now, every MAPS.ME user who plans traveling around Russia can do more than map a route using the familiar service. They can also find information about rare wildlife species inhabiting the region and even join us in preserving them," says Irina Vorobyeva, Director for Relations with Corporate Partners and Supporters of WWF-Russia.

The routes were added to the MAPS.ME guides catalog (Partner category, WWF-Russia page). Downloaded routes can be used without Internet connection.

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MAPS.ME is a mobile app offering online maps, a guide catalog, and navigation for travelers based on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. The app is available for iOS and Android users and contains detailed offline maps of all world countries. Users can also use the app to search for locations and addresses as well as to find their own position on the map. The app is equipped with a catalog of ready-to-use routes, and an integrated map and route editor. In 2014, the MAPS.ME service joined Mail.ru Group and became free and open. Over 140 million users all around the globe have installed the app.

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