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WWF Russia and BBDO awareness campaign: Wild animals vanishing from billboards in the name of biodiversity

05 june 2019
In the year of its 25th jubilee WWF Russia launches an advertising campaign to raise awareness on endangered spices that inhabit the country. Video, outdoor and print ads depict Russian landscapes and groups of animals, some of which are vanishing from the pics, leaving others in silent loneliness. The slogan says: «We can’t bring back what was lost. However, we can save the ones that are still here», which is very much in lockstep with the WWF’s largest agenda on the call for New Deal for Nature and People. But the message is clear even without the words.

The main characters of the campaign, created by a worldwide advertising agency BBDO, are the animals WWF Russia has been protecting for 25 years: polar bears, Atlantic walruses, Siberian tigers, reindeers, Persian leopards, European bison, saiga antelopes and ounces. These are not the most instinct animals in Russia, but they are the key elements of their ecosystems and the loss of them will cause the loss of numerous spices that live in close connection – the ecosystems will fall like a house of cards.

Throughout the 25 years of WWF Russia existence with the help of the fund bison, which has literally vanished from Russian woods in the middle of the 20th century now inhabit two regions  – there are around 900 species both in Caucuses and Central Russia. Persian leopard that has once gone extinct is been returned to the wild. WWF Russia organized reintroduction of rare animals from abroad, provided monitoring, conserved habitats. Though these are big steps on the journey to restore the native biodiversity, but clearly not the last.

«Surely we can’t bring back the bygone glory of wild nature. Lost habitats won’t be restored in the coming years and the population of threatened spices won’t reach the richness of the past. There will never be 100 thousand tigers on Earth anymore, – says Dmitry Gorshkov, the Director of the WWF-Russia Biodiversity Program. – However, we still have a possibility to save the treasures of the wild nature that is still here. If we are able to reach the goals of the WWF strategy, it will be possible to save the main ecosystems in Russian nature. Much has been done during these 25 years but there is still work to do. The slogan of the campaign says: «We can’t bring back what was lost. However, we can save the ones that are still here». It brings both sadness and hope and reminds us about a phrase of Sir Peter Scott: «We shan’t save all that we should like to – but we shall save a great deal more than if we had done nothing».

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