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Amur tiger killer punished

05 march 2012
Due to active participation of WWF in evidence collection, the court found the killer of the tiger guilty.

The court of Krasnoarmeisky district of Primorsky Province handed out a verdict to V. Kulyabin finding him guilty for Amur tiger killing.

During long investigation, lasted from January 2010, not just once the poacher had managed to convince the judges that the tiger attacked him and he was shooting just only to protect his own life.

However, collected evidence, as well as three expertises conducted with consultations of WWF specialists on skin and remains of the animal, allowed both to determine the violent death of the animal and to reconstruct the scene of the incident.

When being shot the young tigress was trapped thus she could not be a real threat to the killer. He had deliberately killed the captured tiger relishing the thought of selling the tiger's skin and bones and getting huge money.

As a result, the court found Kulyabin guilty. The criminal was sentenced to pay 14ooo Euro which equals the price of two brand new cars.

«Investigations of criminal cases on wild animals illegal killing are always rather complicated, - comments Sergei Aramilev, biodiversity conservation program coordinator at WWF-Russia Amur branch. - It would be naive to think that all such cases result in punishment. Therefore, the case will be a memorable lesson for other criminals as the mentioned money is a huge sum for a Russian citizen.»

This is the third time over the past ten years when a tiger killer was punished.