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Tiger cub rescued in Primorye

27 february 2012
A tiger cub was found in critical condition by hunters on February 25th on the territory of “Borisovskoye” hunting estate in Primorye.

Rangers of the Wildlife and Hunting Management Department of Primorsky Province immediately launched a rescue operation and investigation of the situation.

An exhausted tiger cub with symptoms of hypothermia was found in the forest not far from Borisovka village by hunters of Ussuriiskoye military hunting society during a planned game resources winter survey. The tiger cub was so weak that he could have been easily taken with bare hands. The exhausted little tiger has approached the winter hut as if begging for help. Due to direct threat to animal’s life the rangers of the Wildlife and Hunting Management Department made the decision to take the tiger cub out of the wild for recovery and put him into a warm place for temporary care. Qualified veterinary care was immediately provided by specialists of Primorskaya Agricultural Academy.

At present, the condition of the tiger cub is considered critical but stable, and there is a tendency for improvement. WWF is ready to provide necessary financial support to save the animal, - says Sergey Aramilev, Species program coordinator at WWF-Russia Amur branch. – Despite the fact that the tiger cub was found during the weekend, the Wildlife Management Department reacted immediately by taking all necessary operative measures in time. According to our estimates if the tiger was not provided with assistance the very same day, the next night could be the last of his life.”

It is also important to figure out why the animal got into trouble and ended up alone. Normally, as Sergey Aramilev noted, a tiger litter separates from the mother from late in its second year to the early part of its third. This tiger cub is only 3-5 month old. At present, a specially formed group of rangers of the Wildlife and Hunting Management Department is looking for the tracks of the mother tiger.

The main task of the group is to figure out a reason why the tiger cub left its mother at such a young age, and to find the tigress and her tracks as well. Moreover, in the event of the tigress’ death, it is necessary to conduct an investigation and find out the reason of death, and in event that it was a violent death to pass the materials to the internal affairs agency for initiating a criminal case – says Vladimir Vasilyev, acting head of the Wildlife and Hunting Management Department of Primorsky Province.

According to the information of the Wildlife and Hunting Management Department, the Department is in charge of supervision and regulation of conflict situations with humans and large predators. An operative brigade exists in the Department to solve conflict situations on the territory of Primorsky Province. In 2011 more than 80 reports were received from citizens about human-tiger conflicts, 13 of them were confirmed and successfully solved. In 2012 there were 10 reports about such conflict situations, 6 of which were proved to be true.