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A new tiger, named Uporny, was given a home in Utyos Rehab Center

17 november 2014
WWF Russia provided financial support for the recovery and rehabilitation of the conflict tiger brought to Utyos Rehabilitation Center in Khabarovsky Province on November 14. The animal is exhausted and needs help.

The operation for live capture of two tigers took place in Vyazemsky district of Khabarovsky Province last week. With 5 days between them, on November 9 and 14, the predators appeared within 12 kilometers of the town of Vyazemskoye, killing three dogs on the outskirts of the town.  Experts of the Hunting Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Khabarovsky Province, which includes a tiger conflict resolution group functioning for 3 years with support from WWF-Russia, as well as specialists of Inspection Team “Tiger” and WCS, arrived at the site to resolve the conflict.

In the morning of November 14 the first tiger was sedated with tranquilizers and placed in the “Utyos” Rehabilitation Centre in Khabarovsky Province. For his stubbornness and unwillingness to get out of the transport cage into the enclosure, this 3 year old male was nicknamed Stubborn. According to “Utyos” specialists, the tiger’s condition is unsatisfactory, he is seriously exhausted, the color of his pelt is pale (an indicator of poor health). Currently the animal eagerly accepts food, and this gives some hope for recovery of the predator. Veterinarians are waiting for the results of a blood test for further treatment and disease identification.

WWF Russia already provided funds for the treatment and temporary maintenance of the wild cat. To monitor his condition a special enclosure is already equipped with video surveillance system donated by Bosch.

“It’s early to speak about the causes of the conflict tigers, it will be done after a detailed medical examination of the predators. A meeting of veterinarians has been already scheduled in Khabarovsky Province to develop a treatment strategy. After that, the working group of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Khabarovsky Province will make a decision about the future of the tiger,”- says Pavel Fomenko, Species program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch.

It should be mentioned that not long ago “Utyos” Rehabilitation Center with support of WWF-Russia and ANO “Amur Tiger” became the only government Center for rehabilitation of wild animals in the Russian Far East.

“It is very important to find additional funds for further work and necessary equipment for the Center. Based on the lessons learnt, former mistakes in the infrastructure design should be avoided. Now it is clear that the Center must be constructed so that several animals can be kept isolated from each other,”- says Fomenko.

In the evening of the 14th November, the experts managed to catch the second tiger that strayed onto the territory of a mining enterprise in Vyazemsky district: the predator returned to the “crime scene”, where he previously killed the dog and frightened the guard. This is a male tiger aged 2-3 years old, weighing about 100 kilograms. According to the experts, the animal’s weight is normal, judging by the appearance he is in satisfactory condition. This tiger was brought to a  rehabilitation center located in Nadezhdinsky district of Primorsky Province.

Transportation of the tiger to «Utyos» Center
© Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
The tiger is exhausted and needs help
© Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Center