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Poachers transporting more than 5 tons of reindeer antlers detained in Yakutia

12 february 2019
Anti-poaching brigade "West", supported by WWF Russia, in the area of the Olenek village detained a convoy of trucks carrying antlers and wild reindeer carcasses illegaly procured in the Krasnoyarsk Region.
 Yakut environmentalists received intelligence information from the colleagues from Krasnoyarsk Region. It was reported that a caravan of "KamAZ" trucks which carried poaching cargo was moving on the winter road from the village Khatanga in the direction of the Olenek district of Yakutia. Anti-poaching brigade "Zapad" (West) immediately left Yakutsk for the village of Olenyok, where the operational field office established.

As a result, the convoy was stopped at the Olenek-Anabar winter road 7 km from the village. During the inspection, 27 deer carcasses without permits for extraction were found, as well as frozen antlers in bags with a total weight of 5,795 kg without proper documents.
Detension of poachers
WWF Russia

 As a result of the inspection, 2 protocols on administrative offenses and one criminal case under Article 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal procurement of antlers) were drawn up. The documents were sent to the environmental and law enforcement agencies of the Olenek district for further investigation.

“Wild reindeer is a commercial species, and the basis of the life of many indigenous peoples of the north. Its barbaric extermination threatens the existence of the population and thus the lives of people completely dependent on the reindeer. Thanks to the help of our supporters,  in the summer of 2018 we managed to set up inspectors' posts on the rivers where the deer cross them, which made it possible to prevent cases of mass poaching there. Another form of support was information exchange and the support of long-term raids by the state forest inspection service. And we are glad that our efforts are not wasted,” says WWF Arctic Program coordinator in the Taimyr Ecoregion Sergey Verkhovets.

“Poachers should now know that there is no place for them in the north. Many projects have been launched on advocacy, raid support, and equipping inspectors with new communication equipment, night vision systems and drones. I am confident that these and many other environmental protection measures will allow us to preserve a unique population of wild reindeer in Taimyr and provide support to people of the north leading a traditional way of life,” concluded the expert.
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