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Премия рунета 2017

Pupils of an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan will learn how to use water intelligently

05 july 2017
Within the framework of the joint project of WWF and USAID, an orphanage in the Kyrgyz village of Kyzyl-Suu received a greenhouse and a drip irrigation system.

The ceremony of presenting the greenhouse and the drip irrigation system to the children of the Kelechek orphanage took place on the 24th of June, 2017 in the village of Kyzyl-Suu of the Jeti-Oguz district. The orphanage is located in the middle reaches of the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu River and is experiencing a permanent lack of irrigation and drinking water. Drip irrigation allows you to spend water more economically and significantly reduces its loss. Thanks to this, children can provide themselves with environmentally friendly products. The orphanage received the greenhouse and the drip irrigation system under the WWF / USAID project "Integrated management of natural resources in the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu River basin".

According to Ekaterina Vorobyova, director of the Central Asian program of WWF Russia, one of the goals of this project is to teach integrated water resources management methods to local people and authorities; which is especially important in the context of climate change. "It is already worthwhile to promote adaptation climate change measures in Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries these days", Vorobyova said. "In particular, it is necessary to help countries to manage water resources intelligently to ensure that the entire population has equal access to water. The system that we gave to the orphanage will serve as an example to local residents and will show them how such technologies work. Our task is to demonstrate clearly that thanks to such systems water consumption can really be significantly reduced".

This work is part of a large joint WWF / USAID project "Conservation and adaptation of high mountain communities and ecosystems in Asia". Among its goals are: to establish a dialogue about the management of high-mountainous regions and to prepare them for solving problems caused by climate change; to support water security and sustainable development of mountain communities throughout Asia. Within the same project, WWF / USAID presented 25 sets of solar panels to pasture committees for illumination. They were handed over to cattle breeders, who moved to distant pastures. This permitted the decreasing of the load on the pastures in the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu river basin. In addition, with the support of WWF / USAID, every year in the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu river basin and on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul a children's environmental camp takes place, as well as various environmental competitions are held in the region.

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