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WWF and EXNESS joint efforts to help leopards and tigers

11 november 2014
EXNESS has joined the ranks of WWF’s partners. The group of companies decided to support WWF’s projects on restoration of rare species, the Persian leopard in the Caucasus and the Amur tiger in the Russian Far East.

A group of Persian leopards is being trained for the release into the wild at the Rehab Center in the Sochinsky National Park. Young leopards need not only food and care but also special constructions imitating natural landscapes and providing the animals with chances to develop their strength and grace. With the support of EXNESS, international experts visited the Center to assess the leopards’ health condition and to make recommendations on their release into the wildness.

Outside the Center’s enclosure the leopards should also be monitored. Every animal will be fitted with radio collars and transmitters bought for the EXNESS funds.

Along with the Persian leopard restoration program, EXNESS has invested in the perfection of the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve infrastructure. The Reserve’s territory is home for the Amur tiger. With allocated funds WWF will clear forest trails to make patrolling easier and will construct four winter huts where the Reserve inspectors and scientists can stay during their field work.

EXNESS representatives stress that they are interested in supporting WWF. According to Pyotr Valov, head of EXNESS, “By helping WWF we attract the international attention to the challenging environmental issues and have a chance to invest into nature conservation.”

WWF Russia is actively seeking local businesses to be Всемирный фонд дикой природы активно привлекает к поддержке своих проектов представителей бизнеса. “We are very glad to have a new partner on board. We hope that our cooperation will be continued on other projects as well”, notes Ekaterina Maksimova, head of corporate fundraising at WWF Russia. 

“To conserve these rare species joint efforts of nature reserves and national parks, conservation organizations and business are required.”

the Amur tiger
© Flickr / Tambako the Jaguar