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WWF started snow leopard research in Eastern Kazakhstan

27 october 2015
WWF provided Katon-Karagaisky National Park with equipment for snow leopard research.

Katon-Karagai National Park was considered only a potential snow leopard habitat but in 2014 photo-trapping proved the snow leopard presence in the area. WWF helped to equip the rangers for winter season to make research in this poorly studied part of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion. During first expedition the camera-traps were set and the distribution of Siberian ibex, the main snow leopard prey, identified. 

Charity Foundation “World Around You” sponsored by Sibirskoye Zdorovye (Siberian Health) company is the major donor for the project.

WWF made a decision to support the further research of the snow leopard in Katon-Karagaisky National park. The area is very interesting in terms of possible finding of new habitats of a rare species.

Tatyana Yashina, WWF Altai-Sayan Programme Coordinator says “Snow leopard remains one of the most unstudied species due to the remoteness of its habitats that are hard to reach. WWF hopes that the results of the survey in Kazakhstan will help us to get the information on slow leopard distribution and numbers.

Snow leopard is a very rare animal in Kazakhstan. Its habitats are located along with the borders with Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Uzbekistan. For effective conservation the efforts of the several countries have to be united. Several years ago Altai Transboundary Nature Reserve that covered the territories of Katon – Karagai National Park in Kazakhstan and Katunskyi Nature Reserve in Russia to conserve biological and landscape diversity of Mountain Altai and provide for better international cooperation.

Larisa Buyantueva, the Head of “World Around You” Charity Project “It is not the first project on snow leopard conservation for our company. We’ve been working close with WWF for several last years in Russia”.

Siberian Ibex captured in Katon-Karagai National Park
© Katon-Karagai National Park
Snow leopard captured in Katon-Karagai National Park.
© Katon-Karagai National Park
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