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WWF summed up results of the Snow Leopard Festivals

24 june 2015
Traditional festival «The Land of the snow leopard» held in 9 cities and villages in Altai and Tuva. More than 2400 local people involved in activities aimed to increase the awareness on the species conservation in ASER

This year the flagship species of the festival were the snow leopard, argali, ibex, black goose, Siberian pine  and lady's slipper – main heroes of the fairytales, poems, paints and performances of the events.

The main contest has 9 nominations for different age categories. Children could participate in competition for the best souvenir, poem, puzzle and the best eco-performance. Teachers competed in the preparation of scenarios of events, workshops and techniques of training for kids. And the locals worked on decorative volumetric figures and souvenirs.

Festival began 17th of April Ust-Koksa with bright concert, master-classes and exhibitions that shared festive mood between all participants.

Victoria Saylankina, head of the WWF Friends Club «Ecokhranitel«: »I believe that the festival « The Land of the snow leopard» in our region - it's a good tradition. I’ve visited  three festival and none of them is similar to the previous one. The gteat resul is that our children and adults became more touching to the conservation of rare species of animals'.

14th of May municipal stage held in Gorno-Altaisk, and 20th of May in Ongudai. The jury of the festival’s competition program was amazed by the love of the young generation to Mother Nature and how they expressed their feelings in creative works.

Festival in Kosh-Agach was in May 21-22 and began with the opening of the international exhibition of the PAs «Wildlife Altai». But the brightest and long-awaited event was a concert with amazing dance of the small snow leopards from kindergarten.

The final municipal festival in Ulagan took place in 18th of June and was organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the entry Telengit nation of Russia. In parallel with the concert guests could admire the presented children’s masterpieces and participate in «Drawing on the rocks class». This year Mongolian children from Bayan-Ulginsky aymak participated in municipal festival “The land of the snow leopard” in Ulagan with wonderful national songs and dances.

Winners of the municipal stages will present their cities and villages at the regional 5th Anniversary Festival «The Land of the snow leopard» in Gorno-Altaisk on October, 17.

In Tuva festivals held from April, 22 to May, 15 in Erzin, Bai-Taiga and Mongun-Taiga areas. The final republican festival took place in Kyzyl, June 5th. After the traditional concert programme children participated in trees planting workshop and known how to use fire-fighting equipment in the forest. The event was not only fun but also very interesting with numerous of ecological education elements.

Four months are left until the final republican festival in Altai. That time for children is a time of anxious waiting but they are looking forward to an unforgettable day.


Youngest participans of the fest
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