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WWF welcomes Taimyr initiative on wild reindeer conservation

11 november 2019
In Dudinka, the first meeting of the working group on the conservation of the Taimyr-Evenki wild reindeer population took place. The body was created on the initiative of the district deputies and should develop proposals to conserve wild reindeer in Taimyr.
“We are glad that in Taimyr the authorities, business and society drew attention to the problem of the decline of wild reindeer population. It is extremely important to join forces and act together - without the participation of all the stakeholders it is simply not possible to preserve the world's largest population of a unique species, - said Vladimir Krever, scientific director of biodiversity conservation program, WWF-Russia. “From our side, we are ready to provide comprehensive support to the participants of the working group. WWF-Russia has been working on the conservation of reindeer for several years and supports environmental structures at all levels.”

According to local media reports, the Taimyr "deputies expressed concern about the decline in the population of wild reindeer in the territory. The negative dynamics, in the general opinion, is associated both with objective factors - climate change and change of migration routes, depletion of the pasture's forage base, and human influence - barbaric hunting methods and violation of hunting terms".

During the meeting, deputies suggested reduction of the allowable wild reindeer withdrawal rate from 15% to 10% of the livestock population, conducting a general count of the Taimyr population, shortening hunting periods and increasing fines for cutting antlers, equating it to cruelty to animals 

Svetlana Gorbatyh

In October this year another working meeting was held in Krasnoyarsk at the initiative of WWF-Russia. It resulted in the establishment of a working group, which included the heads of environmental ministries and departments of the Krasnoyarsk Region and Yakutia, representatives of nature protected areas, practical and academic science, indigenous peoples of the North, deputies of the district councils of Evenkia and Taimyr, environmental NGOs. The resolution of the meeting can be found in the attached document (in Russian).

Pictures: (c) Svetlana Gorbatyh
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