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Премия рунета 2017


28 december 2018
The funds collected from the sale of the stickers will be sent to the WWF Russia to support the project on the conservation of polar bears in the Arctic.

Viber, Soyuzmultfilm and WWF Russia presented an exclusive charity sticker pack named Umka. The twenty stickers are dedicated to the idea of helping the snow-white master of the Arctic ice. To produce this set of pictures, the artists created a series of sketches of the famous cartoon character, who, by the way, will celebrate his 50th anniversary in 2019.

“In 2017, over 22 billion stickers were sent in Viber worldwide, reflecting the popularity of this communication type among users,”
says Irina Vorobyeva, Director for Relations with Corporate Partners and Supporters of WWF Russia. “The Umka cartoon is a warm-hearted story, on which more than one generation of children grew up. Together with Soyuzmultfilm, we got the idea to combine the classics of domestic animation and modern technology: this is how the Umka charity sticker pack came into being, which we hope will not only please Viber users with colorful pictures, but also raise public awareness of the issue of saving polar bears.

(C) WWF Russia (C) FSUE Creative Union of the Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio, 2018
(C) WWF Russia (C) FSUE Creative Union of the Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio, 2018
(C) WWF Russia (C) FSUE Creative Union of the Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio, 2018

All proceeds from the sale of the sticker pack will be used to protect the polar bear, the main threats to its existence being poaching, global climate change and pollution of the Arctic environment. The stickers are available for sale only in the Russian Federation. The stickers are available for Android, shortly to become available also for iOS. 

Creation of the charity sticker pack was the first experience of integrating a Soyuzmultfilm “golden collection” character into WWF Russia projects. 

In December, the Film Studio became a full-fledged partner of the World Wildlife Fund by joining the corporate business club. As part of this cooperation, Soyuzmultfilm is expected to consider various options for the integration of its well-liked characters into WWF projects.

Photo in the preview and caption by: (c) Fyodor Yakovlev / WWF Russia.

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