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Премия рунета 2017

Winter in Primorye: three tiger cubs abandoned by mother

03 december 2012
In the central Primorye a joint group of rangers are searching for three orphaned tiger cubs. Two of the young animals are already found. People are in search of the third one.

On November 27, three Amur tiger cubs approached one of the military units in the central Primorye in an attempt to hunt a dog but were scared away by the watchman. The information was reported to the Hunting Department which instructed rangers to catch the cubs and find the tigress.

On November 30, Primorsky Province Hunting Department received permission to temporary capture the young animals. Two, a he and a she being about 6 months old, have been already caught undernourished. Rangers feed them with wild meat.

“It is always an alarm bell for all nature protection agencies to encounter tiger cubs alone in the taiga as the young animals are forced to approach dwellings due to absence of mother or hunger, comments Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. WWF has provided funds for the search expedition and together with the Hunting Department we will proceed to find out what has happened with the cubs mother”.