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WWF Russia: Earth Overshoot Day 2021 — Choose the Right Path!

06 july 2021
This year the Earth Overshoot Day falls on July 29. WWF Russia continues last year's Watch the Signs campaign on the importance of conscious consumption and expands the topic of eco-labeling. WWF Russia talks about sustainable supply chains and explains why some products are labeled as produced responsibly, while others are considered damaging to nature. The slogan of this year's campaign: "Watch the signs: choose the right path!"
Official banner of WWF Russia campaign

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. This means borrowing from the planet and future generations. To reduce the ecological footprint and push back the date of the Earth Overshoot Day, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers need to take a responsible approach to all stages of the production of goods:

  • extraction and material input;
  • manufacturing and packaging;
  • transportation and distribution;
  • use;
  • disposal and recycling.

These 5 stages make up the supply chain. We can call it sustainable only if at each stage the requirements for reducing the negative impact on the environment and for labor protection are observed. Eco-labels help identify sustainable products while shopping.

“The only way to reduce humanity's debt to the planet and reduce our ecological footprint is to rethink our relationship to nature from resource consumption to 'partnership' with our environment. Only responsible consumption and responsible production can reduce the burden on the environment,” says Mikhail Babenko, WWF Russia's green economy programme director. “Therefore, companies must responsibly approach all 5 stages of the supply chain, including thinking about how the product will be disposed of after use. A responsible consumer can learn eco-labels, purchase only what he needs, and dispose of goods correctly. Responsible behavior is important at every stage of production and consumption, this is the only way to effectively reduce the ecological footprint.”

To explain how responsible supply chains work, WWF Russia created a test: moving along the “road” of the supply chain, the user chooses a direction at the “forks” — the goal is to build the right path. The test and infographics will allow the users to see at what stage of the supply chain they are involved in as customers and what they can influence.

Screenshot of the test

To determine the date of Earth Overshoot Day 2021, Global Footprint Network combined the most reliable data and formed the most reasonable assumptions to assess humanity’s resource situation. GFN experts compare the rate of human consumption of biological resources (human ecological footprint) with the planet's ability to regenerate. The earlier the Earth Overshoot Day comes, the greater the debt of people to the planet, and vice versa. It is important to act now to reduce the humanity's debt to the planet. You can start with the simplest. Find out how to reduce your footprint and support the WWF Russia project to preserve the valuable forests of the Katunsky ridge.

On July 5, the first event was held within the framework of the Responsible Supply Chains topic: a presentation of the preliminary results of a study on responsible supply chains for Russian metallurgical companies. The recommendations and conclusions of the study will help metallurgical companies in their work, because they are instructions and offer specific solutions. The research was prepared by the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO within the framework of the WWF Russia project “People for Nature”, funded by the European Union.


General partners of the action: Arkhangelsk PPM, Procter & Gamble, X5 Group, Unilever; partners: Sveza Group, Zewa;  participants: UTS LLC. Media partners: OK! magazine , VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, TikTok, video production studio ALT +, VOVA digital agency, Maxima Telecom, Crocus Group, Zhara FM Radio Station.

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