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06 november 2020
The song "Kosmicheskiye Sily" ("Cosmic Forces") by a WWF-Russia ambassador Ilya Lagutenko received visuals in the form of a music video starring actor Yuri Kolokolnikov, which premiered on November 6

In anticipation of the arrival of the group's new album "Posle Zla" ("After Evil"), Mumiy Troll releases a maxi single titled "Prizraki Zavtra, chast 2" ("Ghosts of Tomorrow, Part 2"), which will become an international addition to the album "Prizraki Zavtra".

"Prizraki Zavtra, chast 2" features decadent romances "Kosmicheskiye Sily" and "Prizraki Zavtra" performed by Ilya Lagutenko, a Japanese-Balkan chanson version of the song "Kosmicheskiye Sily" by the Japanese duo Charan-Po-Rantan, and the track "Ghosts of Tomorrow", which is an atmospheric English-language collaboration between Mumiy Troll and Californian multi-instrumentalist Saint Mesa.

The song "Kosmicheskiye Sily" received visuals, with the premiere of its music video starring actor Yuri Kolokolnikov bolstering the album's release. It was filmed at the initiative of the Yekaterinburg film company Red Pepper Film, and was written and directed by Ivan Sosnin, winner of the Kinotavr festival and the Golden Eagle Award.

The music video tells the story of an extraterrestrial who goes on an "excursion" to a planet that, by all accounts, is similar to Earth. Seeing that the planet is on the verge of an ecological disaster, the main character decides to save it by any means possible. The music video became an environmental manifesto that manages to make its viewers think about important global issues without any slogans or calls to action.

Filming took place in summer 2020 in the city of Karabash (Chelyabinsk Region), the ecology of which was destroyed by the industrial waste of the Karabash Copper Smelting Plant in the 20th century. The modernization of the plant's production processes and the elimination of the environmental damage accumulated in Karabash would not begin until 2004.

"I myself was born and raised in a small industrial town, and almost everyone on our team is from the Urals, so ecology is a topic that we all really care about," says director Ivan Sosnin. "In the video, I wanted to show the Earth in an alternate reality, where harmful enterprises and factories defeated technology and ecology, forcing all the of the planet's inhabitants to work for them. Yuri Kolokolnikov plays an extraterrestrial tourist who comes to Earth in search of peace and fresh air once every millennium. To tell you the truth, the video was very difficult to shoot due to the harsh weather. I would like to thank Yuri Kolokolnikov for courageously enduring this marathon and braving the Ural climate." 

As an ambassador of WWF, the author of the song Ilya Lagutenko has been concerned with our planet's preservation for a long time, and even before this year's alarming events he understood that the path chosen by modern people poses a threat to all of the Earth's inhabitants.

Ilya Lagutenko: "I did not get the role of an 'extraterrestrial guest' in the video. Instead, I play a rather negative character, a careless travel agent who sends his client to a place where life is completely different from what was advertised in the pictures. No one knew about COVID-19 yet when we wrote the song, we had no idea then about the events that would happen in Shiyes and Kamchatka. Unfortunately, we saw so many terrible, shocking news and bleak prospects over the past six months that the song became extremely relevant. 'Cosmic forces, save my soul!'"

The song became relevant for a reason: in recent decades, the invasion of natural territories in pursuit of new land, timber, and minerals intensified. Natural mechanisms that evolved over millennia are beginning to fail. According to WWF's Living Planet Report, as many as 39 per cent of the planet's territory has been developed in the past 64 years. Today, only a quarter of the Earth's land remains "untouched", and populations of vertebrate species are on a steady decline. Human activities are accelerating climate change, as more and more warning signs emerge. We are the first generation to realize what is happening to our planet, and perhaps the last one to have the power to change it. 

"Nature is our insurance, both in general and in the medical sense. It is nature that gives us fresh air, healthy food, and clean water. And we do not mean just rare animals when we talk about the conservation of nature: first of all, we mean ourselves and our own well-being," says Dmitry Gorshkov, Director of WWF-Russia. "The conservation of nature is no longer just a concern of environmentalists: it is becoming our common concern, and Ilya's new video is proof of that. This year, we witnessed a number of environmental incidents, with one such incident being the Norilsk diesel oil spill, which showed us the importance of public control and transparency. It is essential that we combine our efforts for our planet and its entire natural world to flourish. We need to preserve the most valuable territories, switch to responsible consumption, and, of course, turn brown industries green, where possible. WWF-Russia has been working to this end for 26 years, and we are glad that Ilya shares our values and is a long-time supporter of our common cause, which is important for every earthling." 

To learn more about how our "living planet" is changing and what can be done to preserve it, please refer to the page dedicated to the new WWF report. Let's save nature together!

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