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Rare animals will “settle” in Russia’s largest social network

19 november 2015
New cooperation between WWF-Russia and social network VK helps users to find out more about rare Russian animals just by sending each other virtual stickers with their images instead of regular emoji.

Each sticker offers millions of users an easy way to make a donation for WWF programs on rare animal protection. One can install these virtual stickers here: vk.com/stickers/wwf

Starting from today, users of VKontakte can send virtual stickers with images of 16 animals, including amur tiger, leopard, polar bear, walrus, desman, bison and many others. All animals, pictured on stickers, except for panda, live on territory of Russia.

When mousing over the sticker, a pop-up window with short infos appear with possibility to go over to a special website, where a detailed information on each specie is located.

During first days after sticker launching, they were installed by more than 5 million VKontakte users with 25 million times of sticker sending’s.

Thanks to the new project, millions of users will find out, which big cats live on the territory of Russia, why is desman so unique, what size is the baby whale and many other facts. “This collaboration help to tell a huge VKontakte audience about the riches and fragileness of our nature and in an easy and fun way, as well as to draw attention to environmental problems,” – says Georgi Lobushkin, head of press, VKontakte.

This is not the first joint project of WWF Russia and VKontakte (also known as VKontakte or VK.com, 75 million daily users) – in March 2015 this company joined Earth Hour by suggesting its users to “turn the lights off” on their users webpage and to use a virtual flashlight.

Amur tiger
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