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Премия рунета 2017


05 june 2018
The project is dedicated to the World Environment Day, which is is celebrated on the 5th of June every year.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Atlas of New Professions have analyzed trends and have presented a set of ecological professions of the future. The professions in such categories as mining and metallurgy, agriculture and food, construction and urban space, flora and fauna, climate and energy, financial sector and management, social sphere, education and tourism, production and consumption are included in the list. It should be mentioned that the experts of both "Atlas" and WWF Russia prepared two sets of professions for each of the categories.

Environmental thinking is becoming an overprofessional skill that determines economic, political and social development. Ecology has stopped being a" foreign matter", and environmental practices penetrate into any human activity: from professional to domestic.

The project represents an attempt to predict and to design the development of environmental science and the impact that it will have on all life spheres in the nearest future. The set includes both existing professions that are not yet represented in Russia (auditor of ecosystem services, veterinarian-rehabilitologist) or that are represented only by self-taught experts (reserve manager, ecoproducer), and professions that do not yet exist, but may appear in the future (consultant on ethical consumption, ecologist-logistician).

"As a professional environmental organization, every day we face new challenges that require fundamentally new, synergetic, cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies. Classical higher education is no longer able to meet all the challenges that the future brings, and it is time to reconsider it," said Yuriy Sochnev, Director of marketing and communications of WWF Russia.

"Working with forecasting the demand for work force, we noticed that the restoration of our balance with nature is one of the most pressing issues that humanity faces. We must begin the transition to ecosystemic, economical production to preserve the world where we live. For this we will need fundamentally new specialists, who, probably do not exist today, but tomorrow the world will present the demand for them," says Dmitry Sudakov, the head of the Atlas of New Professions project. 

Atlas of New Professions is the result of a large-scale long-term research conducted by the Agency for strategic initiatives, of Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO, which was attended by over 4,000 experts. Atlas is primarily a career guidance tool for teenagers, which helps to understand what industries will be actively developed, what new technologies, products, management practices will be introduced, and what new specialists will be needed by employers.

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