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Премия рунета 2017

Ecofestival has reached the northernmost spot of the route

21 april 2017
The ecofestival “Save Kamchatka Nature!”, supported by WWF, has visited small remote settlement of Kamchatka 500 km away from Petropavlovsk.
During its third stage the travelling ecofestival “Save Kamchatka Nature!” visited remote villages of Bystrinsky and Ust’-Kamchatsky districts. There were lectures, lessons and quiz games scheduled in the schools of Anavgay, Esso, Klyuchi and Kozyrevsk. They were conducted by staff members of “Kamchatka Volcanoes” Natural Park, Central Library of the Elizovo City, Amusing Science and Art Centre “Interessarium”, and students of the Kamchatka State University who volunteered to help. Schoolkids were told about volcanoes and protected areas of Kamchatka, world-scale garbage problem and how modern civilization damages environment.
In four schools 836 schoolchildren participated in 39 lessons conducted in framework of the ecofestival in total.
“But the figures are not the most important part of it!” Elena Krasilnikova emphasized. She is the head of Non-commercial partnership “Informational Touristic Center of Elizovo” and the inspirer of the event.
“We organize this travelling ecofestival for the fifth time. It’s some kind of a tradition already. Kids and teachers do remember us, and happy to meet again. We see how important it is for them what we do. More than that, one can’t say that we come, conduct some lessons, arrange a couple of quizzes and leave for good. No, we present educational material to teachers; we give books and scientific magazines to local school libraries. Thus, educators can conduct similar lessons to those schoolchildren who weren’t able to visit our classes or give reinforced task to those who were.”
The ecofestival has also visited a military base in Klyuchi, and discuss the same nature conservation problems with soldiers.
The final stage of the ecofestival will take place in the settlement of Ust’-Bolsheretsky district – Apacha, Oktyabrsky and Ust’-Bolsherestk on May 3.
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