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Премия рунета 2017

20 january 2021
First time in Russia, David Montgomery's "King of fish - The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon" was published. The book will soon appear in the libraries of Kamchatka. WWF-Russia will distribute the rest of the copies to the visitors of the upcoming public events.
David R. Montgomery is a professor at the University of Washington. In his book, Montgomery described the history of salmon fisheries in Western Europe and North America. He traced the legislation protecting salmon and their habitat all the way back to medieval Europe. Montgomery's specialization is geomorphology. Basing on his expertise, he examines the three-side relationship between modern society, landscapes, and salmon populations.
"The book will be very helpful to students who study ichthyology and fishery management. It will definitely be useful to scientists and researchers who devoted their careers to studying salmon ecosystem. The book will be interesting to those people who strive to learn more about the environment," said Sergey Korostelev, coordinator of WWF-Russia's Sustainable Fishery Program.
"There were only one thousand books published. Kamchatka Office of WWF-Russia received 200 copies. Some of them we have given to Kamchatka Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (KamchatNIRO) and to Kamchatka State Technical University. A bit less than one hundred copies were donated to the libraries of Kamchatka," said Sergey Rafanov, director of WWF-Russia's Kamchatka Ecoregional Office.
The rest of the books will be handed at the upcoming environmental and scientific events.
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