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The Kuril Islands will star in a new documentary

10 july 2019
WWF-Russia participates as an environmental consultant for a group of filmmakers in a new documentary which will describe the beauty of the unique ecosystems of the Kurils.

An expedition to the Kuril Islands started on July 7. It was organized with supported from Kaspersky Lab. A group of filmmakers, photographers, environmentalists and ecoactivists will spend about two weeks onboard travelling from one island to another.

The expedition is aimed to show the beauty of the Kurils’ nature, to tell the world about the islands’ wild inhabitants, and draw some attention to the environmental problems of the region.

© Yuri Kislyak / WWF-Russia

Among the most concerning conservation problems, there is a decline of sea otters researched several years ago during a scientific expedition supported by WWF-Russia. Discarded or lost fishing gears are a concern in all the seas and oceans across the world and the Kuril Islands are not an exception.

“WWF-Russia conducted projects in at least 47 regions of Russia from Murmansk to Kamchatka,” said Sergey Rafanov, the director of the Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregional office of WWF-Russia. “The northern part of the Pacific ocean, including the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, is one of WWF-Russia’s priority regions. The Kuril Islands are home to many endangered species of plants, sea birds, and marine mammals. It is important to preserve the unique ecosystems of the islands. We acknowledge the interest of business leaders as well as ordinary citizens to environmental problems of the region.”

The filming will take approximately twelve days, however much will be dependent on the weather. Photo and video content will be used to produce a short documentary which will be later presented at documentary festivals. It will also be broadcasted online to attract decision-makers’ and the public’s attention to the necessity of nature conservation of the Kuril Islands.

For additional information please contact
Head of WWF Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregional Office