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Премия рунета 2017

“Wild Routes” will help to improve protected areas in Kamchatka

14 june 2017
At the outset of this year’s tourism season WWF-Russia and the travel company “Kamchatka Guide” established a joint project to develop green tours aimed to help conserve the most picturesque places of the region, called “Wild Routes.”

“Wild Routes” is a partnership that provides several ecologically-oriented “green” tours in Kamchatka. Going on one of these trips as a tourist helps to contribute to the protection of Kamchatka’s natural landscapes and ecological wonders. The company’s website has info on three such trips: an excursion to Lake Kurilskoye, an expedition to the Nalychevo Valley, and a trip to the “Blue Lakes” Nature Park. WWF-Russia initiated the establishment of “Blue Lakes” two decades ago. The head of the travel company “Kamchatka Guide” Gennady Vorozhbyansky notes that there will be even more ecologically oriented tours in the future as they continue to develop exciting new itineraries. 

“It’s very important for our travel company to attract public attention to the ecological  problems that exist throughout Kamchatka, like environmental contamination, which is, after all, caused by irresponsible human behaviors. We live and work in a wonderful region; we often seem to get used to the sheer beauty that surrounds us. We at “Kamchatka Guide” are proud that cooperation with WWF-Russia will lead to the conservation of our region’s natural beauty.” 

The company notes that a small percentage from the profit’s of each tour will go to fulfilling environmental conservation projects, and thus the company has pledged that the price of the tours will remain the same.

“First of all, we plan to provide financial support to the administration of nature reserves and national parks. Usually, they need money to install information kiosks and signs, which will help tourists learn more about specific aspects of the ecological value of the region,” notes Sergey Rafanov, the head of WWF-Russia’s Kamchatka ecoregional office.

“In addition, hiking trails with interpretive signs are important for educational purposes; they raise people’s interest in natural landscapes and appreciation for the natural world. In general, money raised through the “Wild Routes” partnership will go to helping to expand the types of environmental education and public outreach programs at the very same protected areas where environmentally oriented travel companies like to take their guests.” 

After buying a “Wild Routes” ecological trip, tourists will receive an official certificate recognizing their support of conservation projects. At the end of the summer tourist season, the travel company will provide information about the specific projects that their donations funded.

For additional information please contact
Head of WWF Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregional Office