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Commander Islands Reserve finished the construction of a large ecotrail

29 september 2021
During the Earth Hour - 2020 fundraising campaign, WWF-Russia raised enough money to build sustainable trails with staircases, junctions, and observation decks on Bering Island.
More than three million rubles were spent to build a sustainable trail around the Northwest rookery on Bering Island. In September 2021, ten workers (three of which were construction professionals) decked over 78 meters of ecotrail and 40 meters of staircases with railings through undulating grounds, thus connecting new and existing facilities. They also built four observation decks, resting benches, and additional information boards.
"The ecotrail on Bering Island is the main tourist and educational site of the Commander Islands. The trail is located 20 kilometers away from the village of Nikolskoe. Any visitor to the Commander Island Reserve has a chance to observe the life of thousands of marine mammals in their natural environment and enjoy the wild beauty of the north," said Anastasia Kuznetsova, the director of the Commander Islands Nature Reserve.
The head of the Reserve also shared plans to continue construction works next year. There is a chance that a new observation deck on the hill and a path leading downwards, closer to the rookery will appear in future.
© Anastasia Kuznetsova