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Премия рунета 2017

Observers assessed bycatch during fishing for cod.

01 june 2017
The results of the observation, initiated by WWF-Russia, prove the high effectiveness of mitigation devices.

One of the observers sent two months onboard longline fishing vessel in the West part of the Bering Sea and near the North Kuril Islands. He analyzed 266 longline settings and recorded only three birds hooked during that period. The second scientist, who spent most of the time near East shore of Kamchatka, provided the same number of birds by-caught during 171 longline settings. These numbers show directly the high effectiveness of streamer lines. For many years, fishermen onboard vessels of Longline Fishery Association use those mitigation devices.

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The observers also assessed number and kind of fish species by-caught during fishing for cod. That data is very important in certification process based on Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards. Companies which are members of the Longline Fishery Association have successfully passed the pre-assessment and are getting prepared for the final stage of the certification process.

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