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Volunteers will protect the Avacha River from poachers

03 july 2018
The Regional Public Foundation “Save Salmon TOGETHER!”, with support from WWF-Russia, will create a volunteers’ camp on a highly productive, yet highly troubled, river in Kamchatka.

The Avacha River runs through the most populated area of the region. For a long time, the Avacha River’s salmon populations have been consistently effected by illegal fishermen. Additionally, the presence of indigenous people’s fishing grounds as well as anglers puts this river into an even more perilous situation. These groups of fishermen suffer directly from the poachers’ activity.

“WWF-Russia has experience developing projects to work against poaching activity on some of Kamchatka’s most ecologically productive, yet at-risk, river systems. For a number of years, WWF-Russia together with the Regional Public Foundation “Save Salmon TOGETHER!” supported volunteers on the Bolshaya River in Ust-Bolsheretsky district, Kamchatka. Following WWF’s activity, a fishery association took anti-poaching activities under control on the Bolshaya River. As a result, there was no need for WWF’s participation anymore. Thus, we decided to move our patrolling station to another troublesome river,” says Sergey Rafanov, the director of WWF-Russia’s Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregional Office.

The volunteers’ new camp will appear in Elizovo, near the outreach center “Land of Fish and Fish-eaters”. A training center for volunteers will be located there as well.

“Our outreach center is meant to be neither just a salmon museum nor just a place for public to meet and discuss vital issues related to the fishery in Kamchatka. We wish the outreach center to include these elements, but also additionally, become a training center for those who voluntarily want to stand against poaching in the region. We are sure that the problem of poaching activity must be highlighted by all means possible, including efforts of public activists, journalists and all non-indifferent citizens of Kamchatka,” says Sergey Vakhrin, the president of the Regional Public Foundation “Save Salmon TOGETHER!”

Anyone can become a volunteer and participate in patrolling of the Avacha River this summer. Inspectors of the State Inspection of Small Vessels will cooperate with volunteers who plan to participate in patrolling. Patrolling operations will be aimed at searching and locating illegal activity on the river. All specific cases spotted will be mapped and the information about them will be sent to the police and the Federal Agency for Fishery. The volunteers’ camp will continue its work until September. 

© picture in the head - Sergey Vakhrin

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Head of WWF Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregional Office