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There is no king salmon to fish in the Bolshaya river in Kamchatka

26 june 2020
Two weeks after recreational fishing season had been open anglers report that there were no king salmon quota left at fishing grounds on the Bolshaya river at Ust-Bolsherestky district. A year ago WWF-Russia experts sent a letter to VNIRO drawing attention to the poor control over recreational fishing. The experts admit that this year's lack of fishing permits can be the result of those complaints.

King salmon is the biggest one of Pacific salmon species. Half a century ago, angler caught king salmon as heavy as 45 kg. The size and number of king salmon in catches was decreasing gradually. However, fishermen are still eager to catch one of these fish. However, commercial fishing for king salmon was shut down ten years ago on the Bolshaya River, and there is only a small quota for recreational fishing.

A year ago, WWF-Russia sent a letter to VNIRO (Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography) expressing concerns about recreational fishing which could have had negative impact on king salmon stocks due to poor control management.

“The amount of king salmon quota for the West Kamchatka remains stable for about ten years. Fishing for king salmon starts in June and usually lasts for two months. It was never a problem to a fisherman to buy a fishing permit for catching king salmon. However, anglers reported that there were no permits available two weeks after this year’s fishing season had started,” said Sergey Korostelev, Sustainable Marine Fishing Program coordinator with WWF-Russia.
This year’s recreational fishing quota for king salmon on the Bolshaya River was 5,343 kg which is comparable to the quota of other years. Each one of five fishing grounds on the river received about one metric ton quota. Users of Internet fishing forum of Kamchatka complained about lack of fishing permits for king salmon on one of fishing grounds after June 10. On June 18 the North-Eastern branch of “Glavrybvod” (a department in charge of conservation and reproduction of fish stocks) reported on its website that there was no quota left for recreational fishing for king salmon.

It is hard to point out a certain cause of such sudden lack of permits, but it is definitely not due to high number of fishermen. Taking into account this year’s pandemic, one would assume there is a very low number of recreational fishermen from other regions of Russia and other countries, if any at all. WWF-Russia experts suggested that authorities may have imposed stricter control.

the photo in the preview and the head was taken by © Alexander Khitrov
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