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Премия рунета 2017

WWF and Kamchattechmordirectsia have signed an agreement for cooperation in nature conservation

28 november 2017
The joint work will be aimed at marine mammals conservation and protection of their habitats, monitoring of natural resources, development of oil spill protection plans, etc.
There are several urgent activities on the list. Installation and modernization of operating web-cams at Steller sea lion haulouts in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are among them.
Another important issue is related to harvested fish handling in the port of Petropavlovsk and Steller sea lions. The animals are very persistent in their attempts to steal fish from fishermen which causes conflicts between humans and marine mammals. Installation of acoustic repelling devices could help to solve the problem.
In general, the cooperation goes far beyond the named activities. The long list of plans contains such focus areas as:
  • general questions of environmental politics;
  • environmental projects and development of programs aimed at marine resources conservation and protection of wild habitats, marine ecosystems and support of their environmental functions;
  • sharing the environmentally important information, education, and experience sharing between specialists in same areas of knowledge;
  • decrease of the negative environmental impact of factories and other operations which use water supply and can influence marine ecosystems.
The agreement was signed in the framework of the Year of Ecology in the Russian Federation. The agreement will be in power for three years.

For information:
The Federal State Budgetary Institution "Kamchattechmordirectsia" (which is short for "Kamchatka Directorate for Technical Support of Supervision at Sea") is majorly connected with technical support during the implementation of laws of the Russian Federation in the inner sea, territorial waters, continental shelf, in the exclusive economic zone, etc.
For additional information please contact
Head of WWF Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregional Office