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Премия рунета 2017

WWF will continue to support small businesses which market non-timeber forest products

20 december 2017
Businessmen, who had received financial support from WWF and Citi Foundation, presented their products in Moscow during the "Days of the Far East".

The “Days of the Far East” took place in the capital of Russia on December 8 to 16. Businessmen from nine far-eastern regions presented their products to moscovites and guests of the city. Entrepreneurs from Kamchatka participated as well. The Korchevs – entrepreneurs from Sobolevo district, Kamchatka, brought herbal tea and berry jams.

For several years, WWF-Russia was supporting this family in the framework of the joint project with Citi foundation. WWF helped to buy necessary equipment, and to build a processing facility. As a result, the Korchevs ramped up production and broadened the range of goods.

“There is a high demand on wild harvest products in the European part of Russia, and in Moscow in precise”, says Alexander Korchev.

“Of course, products from Kamchatka cannot compete with the goods of the same kind from Altay and Karelia. Thus, Kamchatka must emphasize high ecological value of the regional products, and will eventually find its customer.”

As Alexander admitted, he was at such large event for the first time but already he sees wide possibilities for his business to grow. Herbal teas and jams were sold like hotcakes. Also, the businessman was able to make a deal sell a large shipment of kamchatkan products.

Although the joint project of WWF and Citi Foundation is over, WWF-Russia plans to go on to support small environmentally oriented businesses. Such help is very important for entrepreneurs from remote settlements because their activity has vast growth potential. It also creates new jobs for locals in areas where legal income is usually hard to find.

Alexander Korchev
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