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WWF-Russia shares interpretation of the satellite images from the area of ecological disaster in Kamchatka

06 october 2020
WWF-Russia has received interpretation of the space radar images, depicting several slick-covered areas nearby Avachinskaya Guba in Kamchatka

Specialists from RiskSat company through the request of WWF-Russia provided analisys of space images from the satellite Sentinel-2 for the period from June to September of this year and compared them with the satellite pictures of the same period of previous years.

These images show several slick-covered areas. It is captured that on September 23 there was a discharge of waste water from the ship passing from Avachinskaya guba. The slick area was 11 km long. And the distance from the coast was 4 km. 

Waste waters from the ships (apparently it was illegal oil contaminated water discharge) which we can see on the pictures, are unable to cause such a catastrophic consequences, that took place at the end of September. But the discharge of waste waters happened just 4 km away from the shore, obviously signals, that environmental and shipping control system is not efficient – says Aleksey Knizhnikov, head of the Business environmental responsibility program at WWF-Russia.

Satellite images

The expert also noted that contaminating substance poisoned Kamchatka coast line does not has anything to do with oil-products. Considering analysis of the satellite images, as well as photo- and video, provided by our colleagues from Kamchatka office, we can suppose that high-toxic substance is the matter. 

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