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WWF-Russia and the Commander Islands Nature Reserve published a book for kids

10 november 2021
In an easily understandable and friendly way, "Sea otter's childhood" describes the lifestyle and behavioral habits of sea otters – natives of Bering Island
The author of "Sea otter's childhood" is Yevgeny Mamayev who is the Deputy Director of the Commander Islands Nature Reserve. The colorful illustrations were painted by Nadezhda Alexandrova – an artist who also works as a specialist of the Environmental Education Department of the Commander Islands Nature Reserve. Previously, Yevgeny and Nadezhda published another book for children – "The Adventures of Toshka, the little sea lion". That book received positive feedback from kids and their parents.
Books about nature develop a child's interest in the environment: animals, plants, and natural phenomena. The books stimulate a child's keen interest in perceiving the surrounding world. If parents emphasize the value of nature, a child will also pay attention to nature's priceless beauty which can be studied, learned, and perceived. Reading books about nature will preserve this interest, and no matter what kind of profession a person chooses in the future, the puzzles of nature will remain attractive and exciting to them for life.
A portion of this printing will be sent to kindergartens and libraries of Kamchatka. Some copies will be handed out as presents at events organized by Commander Islands Nature Reserve.
It is also expected that "Sea otter's childhood" will be the first of an environmental book series for young readers.