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Премия рунета 2017

WWF-Russia gives an opportunity to adopt a sea otter

28 july 2020
WWF-Russia launches a program for supporters. Anyone can adopt an endangered species symbolically to support WWF-Russia's conservation work aimed at further degradation of sea otters population in the North Kuril Islands.

Since 2004, scientists report a steady decline in sea otters population in the North Kurils. A survey conducted in 2017 showed a more than 70% decline in the number of endangered species comparing to the survey of 2003 when the highest number of sea otters in the Northern islands of the Kuril range was reported.

Earlier this year, WWF-Russia and Kinder® launched a joint project aimed at preserving rare marine mammals of the Pacific Ocean, including sea otters. And now, WWF-Russia's supporters have a chance to join this conservation work. A symbolic adoption became possible for Russian donors.

"The Adoption of Endangered Species Program is all about targeted support to a specific animal that you care about the most. Beginning on June 1, you can support WWF-Russia's conservation work aimed at preventing degradation of the saiga antelope habitat. The sea otter is the second species in the Adoption Program. It is important to emphasize that there are two options of becoming an adopter: through a one-time payment of a larger fee or thorough monthly payments of a smaller fee. We are concerned about our supporters, and we think that monthly payments are more comfortable for them, also this kind of support helps us to plan our work in advance. As our gratitude for the support, you will receive a crafted sea otter toy and a certificate proving the symbolic adoption. Also, once in a month, we shall send you an email with interesting facts and stories about sea otters and WWF-Russia's conservation work," said Irina Vorobieva, director of Membership Programme.
The finances gathered through Adoption Program will be spent on scientific and research work in the North Kuril Islands and the Commander Islands. In particular, financial support is needed:
  • to assess the anthropogenic impact on sea otter habitat,
  • to assess the condition of aquatic ecosystems in the area of research;
  • to develop protective measures, including establishing marine mammals protected areas if needed.
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