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WWF-Russia asked Prosecutor General of Russia to verify the legality of placer gold mining in Kamchatka

18 june 2020
WWF-Russia experts sent a letter to Igor Krasnov, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation describing their concerns related to the development of the Goltsovskaya area deposit. According to them, the extraction of placer gold violates the rights of citizens to a favorable environment.

This is a licensed area located across two districts of Kamchatka krai in the basins of the Bystraya, Utka, Srednyaya and Blizhnaya Goltsovka and Plotnikova rivers. Dalstroy, LLC, has already begun work In the area of the confluence of the Kameshkovaya and Bystraya rivers. Employees of the enterprise cut down a significant area of forest and have already removed the topsoil.

“Those five rivers make a single system of the Bolshaya river basin. We believe that the development of the deposits in the riverheads will cause irreparable damage to the unique ecosystems and biodiversity of the entire region. Placer gold mining will inevitably lead to a significant reduction in the fishery value of designated watersheds and will affect the legal rights and interests of citizens, including the right of citizens to a favorable environment,” the letter says.

WWF-Russia asks for review of whether the Federal Fisheries Agency has legally agreed on the site development, and what are the legal grounds for starting development. Given the high degree of environmental hazard from placer gold mining, experts are sure that work in this area is not only dangerous for salmon ecosystems, but also can directly threaten the life and health of people working or living in this territory in the future.

photo in the preview – © WWF-Russia / Julia Kalinicheva
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Director of Conservation Legal and Economic Issues at WWF-Russia