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02 june 2021
The company 'Technoavia' provided rangers of the Stepnoi Sanctuary of the Astrakhan region with new sets of summer clothing for field work as part of a partnership with WWF-Russia in the field of conservation of the saiga population of the northwest Pre-Caspian region.

WWF has been preserving and restoring the population of the Red Data Book antelope - saiga - for 3 years. The work in the region is carried out in a comprehensive manner, ranging from providing saigas with drinking water to supplying protected areas with equipment, communications and fire suppression works, on which the lives of not only saigas but also other animals of the steppe depend.

Technoavia has been providing rangers of the Stepnoi Sanctuary with special winter and summer clothes for two years now. This time, the employees of the protected area received sets of summer clothing "Pilot", consisting of a jacket, trousers, two T-shirts, a baseball cap and boots. The rangers noted not only the appearance, which is also important when communicating with the locals and conducting eco-educational work, but also the convenience, lightness and breathable performance of clothing, which is important in field work in hot climates.

(c) Management Office of Stepnoi Sanctuary

"The Management Office of the Stepnoi Sanctuary of Astrakhan region expresses its sincere gratitude to Technoavia Production Implementation LLC for the wonderful clothes provided, which are extremely necessary in the conditions of a seasonal inland climate and constant stay in the field. Thank you for taking care of the environment and taking care of people!", - says Vladimir Kalmykov, Director of the Stepnoi Sanctuary, Astrakhan region.

"We are glad that our partner, Technoavia company, is assisting in equipping the inspection staff of the Stepnoi Sanctuary. The climate of the northwest Pre-Caspian steppes is quite specific and harsh. Nevertheless, the clothes have been successfully tested in field practice for several years, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the rangers' work. We are grateful to Technoavia for its contribution to the preservation of the nature of our country and we are optimistic that our cooperation will continue in the future," says Irina Vorobieva, Head of Membership Program of WWF-Russia.

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