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02 august 2021
A joyful event took place in the Leopard Breeding Center. Leopardess Shiva gave birth to two cubs.

On July 30, there was a replenishment in the family of the male Filou and the female Shiva. In December 2020, this couple arrived in Russia from Sweden zoo «Nordens Ark», with the support of WWF-Russia. These are not the first kittens of Filou and Shiva, however, this is the first successfully obtained offspring on the territory of the Russian Breeding Center.

According to the staff of the Center, the female and the cubs are doing well. However, it will be possible to find out the sex of the kittens only in 3 months during their first scheduled vaccination. At the same time, specialists make all the necessary measurements and study of young leopards.

Leopardess Shiva with kittens © the Sochi National Park
Meeting of leopards from Sweden © WWF-Russia
Meeting of leopards from Sweden © WWF-Russia
Meeting of leopards from Sweden © WWF-Russia

"The birth of cubs from a new pair is both  merit of the Center, which has created all the necessary conditions for this, and an occasion to thank the European program of Persian leopard reintroduction. It competently selected a couple, - tested by offspring, -  to participate in the Russian Reintroduction Program. Grown-up trained kittens can be released in any territory where releases have already been carried out since they are not related to leopards released earlier. This increases the chances of forming couples in nature and getting the first offspring born in the wild, which we are all looking forward to,"- explains Natalia Dronova, Chief Project for the Conservation of Rare Animal Species Coordinator of WWF-Russia.

The Persian leopard reintroduction program is implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Sochi National Park, Caucasus Reserve, WWF-Russia, the A. N. Severtsov Insitute of Ecology and Evolution, the Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories and Moscow zoo, as well as with the assistance of the International Union for Сonservation of Nature (IUCN) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). Monitoring of leopards conducted with the financial support of VTB Bank.

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