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Премия рунета 2017


23 november 2018
Street art sponsored by the World Widlife Fund (WWF) has appeared in Krasnodar. The sketch for the painting was delivered by Georgy Kurinov #GOOZE_ART, a Krasnodar artist, on the WWF-Russia's request. The image of the Persian Leopard and other rare Caucasian species covers the entire gable facade of a 9-storied building.

Last summer, WWF-Russia came up with the idea to create a large-scale street-art image to introduce the rare animal to the Krasnodar dwellers and beautify the city at the same time. Georgy Kurinov, whose art decorates the Kuban capital and many other cities across Russia and the world, grabbed the idea and created a very vivid image. Youth Welfare Department of Krasnodar also supported the WWF-Russia's idea and helped with the project presentation and approval by the occupants of the residential house at 184, Stavropolskaya Street. They all were pleased to convert a dull gray wall into one of Krasnodar's showplaces.

Street Art Showing Leopard
(с) Georgy Kurinov

It took a week for the artist to paint the 360 sq.m image. From the very first day, the project became the talking point among the Krasnodar dwellers. Many photos showing creation of the picture were posted in social networks backed up with positive comments and #ВернемЛео hashtag. The image was conceived under this name. The hashtag was created to draw the Krasnodar dweller's attention to the Programme for the Persian Leopard Reintroduction developed by WWF-Russia and the Russian Academy of Science back in 2007. Since then, 4 leopards have been released into the wilderness of the Caucasus Nature Reserve. The last release took place in August 2018. Two more of these Red Book cats (Elbrus and Volna) inhabit Alania National Park since 2018.

Details of the Image
(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
"The street art shows a Persian Leopard surrounded by other rare animal and plant species found in the Russian Caucasus, including bison, peregrine falcon, and buxus colchica. We believe this project will attract wide public attention to the living emblem of the Caucasus, the Persian leopard, and make the ideas of environmental friendliness more popular among the locals," – explains Valery Shmunk, Director of the Russian Caucasus Regional Office of WWF-Russia.
Street Art at 184, Stavropolskaya Street, Krasnodar.
(с) Georgy Kurinov

VTB Bank supports the Project for the Persian Leopard Reintroduction.

Photo: (c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
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