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28 february 2020
A roundtable discussion on problems and chances of Colchis boxwood conservation in the Western Caucasus for 2020-2025 was held in Adygea. WWF-Russia presented the results of its work for the scientific community and told about its plans.

The problem of boxtree moth invasion in the Western Caucasus was discussed for the first time in 2014. The insect, imported with ornamental plants from Italy in the framework of preparation for the Sochi Olympics, began to rapidly destroy the unique relic forests on the territory of the Krasnodar region and Adygea. WWF-Russia was one of the first who engaged in eliminating this problem, involving leading experts of the region in joint work.

(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia

Elena Cherkasova, Forest Officer of Russian Caucasus Ecoregional Office WWF-Russia, in her speech stated that in addition to creating an up-to-date map of the boxwood area, collecting surviving seeds and cuttings of this relict plant, the main achievement of WWF in this work can be called the creation of a specialized nursery for boxwood conservation in 2018. "Today, it grows about 25,000 cuttings, which have perfectly taken root and some of them are already 30 cm high, - E. Cherkasova said. – In the near future, on the basis of the Apsheronsk Forestry Technical Сollege, a department for re-growing will be created, where the first 3000 rooted cuttings from the nursery will be transplanted, some of which will later form a mother plantation."

(c) Apsheronsk Forestry Technical Сollege

Other public organizations also reported on the results of their work at the meeting, including NABU-Kavkaz, the host of this roundtable, state forest protection agencies and members of the scientific community. According to the results of the roundtable, it was proposed to create a Strategy for the conservation and restoration of Colchis boxwood with its subsequent approval at the level of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation, and the idea of creating a General Advisory body to coordinate joint work was expressed.

(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
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