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02 july 2019
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) make a gift of the CFMOTO quad bike for Security service "Berkut" rangers for patrolling the protected areas of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

Today WWF-Russia is implementing two projects in the Republic. In July 2018, two Persian leopards were released into the wild in Alania, and in August ten Caucasian bison (a new group of purebred bison) were released in the territory of the Turmonskiy Sanctuary.

Security service "Berkut" keeps guard on all regional protected areas of the Republic. WWF-Russia with financial support of VTB Bank, bought and gave the CFMOTO X8 H.O.EPS. quad bike as part of the global project for the conservation of big cat populations in Russia. The wardens of the service will patrol the territory of the Turmonskiy Sanctuary, where one of the released Persian leopards was seen in last autumn.

(c) WWF-Russia

«The quad bike will help rangers to move around the territory of protected areas watching the movement of animals, receiving data from camera traps, as well as to protect nature from poachers and count the number of ungulates, such as Red deer, Roe deer and Wild boar, which is the prey base of the leopard» - explains Valery Shmunk, Director of the "Russian Caucasus" Ecoregional Office, WWF-Russia.

Earlier WWF-Russia gave the wardens body cameras, which are used in daily patrolling to prevent and detect violations in protected areas.

(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
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