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27 april 2021
The joint project is aimed at helping protected areas engaged in the conservation of the saiga population of the northwest Pre-Caspian region and attracting public attention to the restoration of the Red Data Book antelope.

WWF together with the Kinder® brand have developed and launched the project "Protecting saigas together!". Within the framework of this project, protected areas of Astrakhan Region and the Republic of Kalmykia will receive equipment for effective conservation and monitoring of saigas. In particular, the "Chernyie zemli" Reserve and the "Stepnoi" Sanctuary in Astrakhan region will be equipped with the necessary optics, camera traps,  solar panels for obtaining "green" energy, mobile video recording systems for monitoring the movement and population of Saiga, as well as equipment for fire fighting and laying mineralized stripes.

In addition, the Kinder® brand and WWF-Russia, as part of the campaign "Natoons - Play and discover!", give everyone the opportunity to "take a walk" through the virtual nature sanctuary on the website kinder.com and learn about how the staff of the protected areas take care of the conservation of the Saiga population. At the end of the journey, users can support the Project and join the campaign by coming up with names for young saigas that will be born in the Saiga nursery in Budarino village, Astrakhan region. At the beginning of June, the nursery employees will choose three of all the proposed names and assign them to newborn saigas.

"I want to note that this Project is already the third large-scale joint initiative of WWF-Russia and Kinder®, starting in 2019. Moreover, the geography of our activities is constantly expanding. We started our cooperation with the creation of an ecological trail in North Ossetia, continued with the conservation of sea lions and sea otters on the coast of Kamchatka and on the northern Kuril Islands, and now we are helping to preserve saigas of the northwest Pre-Caspian region, - says Irina Vorobyeva, Director of Work with Corporate partners and Supporters of WWF-Russia. – We are very glad that there is a business in our vast country that shows an example of a responsible attitude to nature and helps to preserve it."

"The Kinder® brand has been supporting the Fund's initiatives in Russia since 2019. This year, a joint project is aimed at preserving ancient Saiga. We sincerely share WWF-Russia's values on wildlife conservation and believe that through consistent actions aimed at caring for the environment, we will be able to make a real contribution to the conservation of wildlife. Our whole team is very excited about the new project!"-  the Kinder® team comments.

Over the past 60 years, the number of saigas in Russia has decreased by more than 100 times from 800 thousand to 7,000 heads. The main threats to the Red Data Book antelopes are commercial poaching, climate change, steppe fires and land degradation of their habitats. Since 2019, WWF-Russia has included Saiga in its Strategy and is engaged in the conservation and restoration of the population of the northwest Pre-Caspian region. During this time, it was possible to restore the number from 5 to 7 thousand individuals.

WWF-Russia helps the protected areas to conduct fire-fighting operations, helps in providing the inspection staff with clothing and equipment, has developed and tested the methodology and assessment of the number of saiga from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and it also cleaned artesian wells on the territory of protected areas to provide saigas and steppe animals with drinking water.

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