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28 september 2020
Implementing the “People for Nature” project, WWF continues to mark planned logging sites, as well as record areas cut down before the start of the project that is carried out by WWF-Russia with the support of the European Union.

In 2013 WWF-Russia with the support of sponsors and partners created hcvf.ru website allowing recording forest management activities as a universal tool for preserving and sustainable use of especially valuable forests and marking their borders. This resource helps non-governmental environmental organizations and environmental activists to protect forests.

In 2015 the Caucasus regional part of the site began to be actively filled with the support of the WWF-IKEA forests partnership.

Marked logging sites on the map
(с) WWF-Russia

In 2019, as part of the ”People for Nature” project, the map database for logging sites began to be actively updated. For example, WWF-Russia mapped 2,500 logging sites in 10 regions of the Caucasus over the year, including logging in 36 protected areas, 6 of which are of federal importance.

Data on logging sites are taken from official portals of executive authorities and translated by the WWF's experts into GIS format allowing users to see the boundaries of logging sites online. In addition, if an activist notices a logging site in the forest, they can take the GPS coordinates of the place, enter them in a special field on the HCVF website on the map and see if there is a justification for the planned or performed logging for this location. Moreover, by clicking on the boundaries of the logging site, the user can see all the information about it, as well as get acquainted with the approved documents.

(с) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia

"This website has become an integral tool for public monitoring of the legal loggings in the Caucasus region. It is used by all our partner NGOs and activists in their environmental work", - explains Elena Cherkasova, Forest Officer of Russian Caucasus Ecoregional Office WWF-Russia.

The Project "People for Nature" is implemented by WWF-Russia in 2019-2022 with the support of the EU and is aimed at involving the public in environmental protection. The project aims to preserve forests by preventing their degradation and illegal use, as well as to minimize the negative impact of industry on the environment by increasing the environmental responsibility of businesses and reducing air and water pollution.

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