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Премия рунета 2017


15 may 2018
On the international climate day on 15th May the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the ECA movement review the results of the Russian national interactive lesson "Forest and climate".

Since 21st March more than eight thousand teachers and around one thousand volunteers from all Russian regions joined the project. Due to the lesson students learned about the functions of forests in nature, measures for their conservation, their role in climate change moderation and learned how to reduce their climate footprint through simple daily actions.

Textbooks of methods, video guides for the preparation of classes, animated presentations, sets to perform game tasks and memo books with useful tips will remain available for everyone even after the end of the project. It is possible to download them for free on the website www.лесклимат.рф. No special training is required to conduct the lesson, the teacher only needs to register on the website and to download kits of materials for elementary and middle-high school.

"How important it is to preserve nature for future generations! It is necessary not only to know and remember, but also to educate children in love and respect for nature, to teach them to protect the world. Lessons such as" Forest and climate " can teach the importance of forest and nature conservation in general. While participating in the lesson game children learn about the problem of climate change, offer their ways to solve it. Children actively and with a great interest participated in all the lessons ", —the teacher of school №43 of Kaliningrad Svetlana Sidorenko shares her impressions.
"Such a great interest in the lesson shows the accuracys of the choice of the topic and the way of presenting the material. The issue of climate change is a question of interest of many people nowadays, and it is not sufficiently covered in school textbooks. Its presentation in a modern interactive form clearly facilitates the understanding of the material by teachers, and the assimilation of knowledge by students," said Alexey Kokorin, head of the program "Climate and energy" of WWF Russia.

The purpose of the lesson is to expain through an exciting game format the importance of the forest and the way it helps to adapt to dangerous climate changes, as well as to teach and to inspire students to preserve forest and a more favorable climate.

The project is realised with the financial help of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grant Fund.

Photos in the announcement: (C) Alexander Plekhanov

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