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A documentary “Forest and People” was released by public movement “Taiga Planet” and WWF-Russia

18 may 2018
The team of the Far Eastern travelers and explorers Taiga Planet together with WWF-Russia presented in social media a new documentary “Forest and People”. KEDR satellite forest monitoring system and problems of the forest management in Khabarovsky province are in main focus of the film.

For several years the team of travelers, social activists and journalists from Komsomolsk-on-Amur opens unique parts of the Russian Far East nature through social networks and television. This time their route was intentionally laid through illegal logging areas. The basis of the documentary "Forest and People" was formed by the footage taken during the operative raid in December 2017, when “Taiga Planet” spent 5 days in remote forest areas of Vyazemsky district of Khabarovsky province and got acquainted with the local people and loggers from taiga villages. The creators believe that public monitoring will help foresters in solving such a difficult task as control over forest use.

Logging equipment is delivered at the logging site
(c) Alexander Kolbin / Taiga Planet
“The problems of illegal logging are often covered in mass media. And we have seen many of them face to face, because all our filming expeditions start from logging roads. When we started shooting the film, we first of all decided to study forest problems and possibilities of public control. And, of course, it was very interesting for us to learn about KEDR monitoring system. We've heard a lot about it from mass media, but we certainly did not realize how it works, what its uniqueness is and how it can help us find and neutralize the black loggers. And we have to say that the capabilities of KEDR system have become a real discovery for us,” comments Victor Reshetnikov, the leader of the new project of the “Taiga Planet” movement on strengthening public control in forest use, which was implemented with the support of WWF-Russia and the European Union as part of the Amur Coalition for Nature Protection small grants program.
Dmitry Sychikov, WWF-Russia (on the left), and Viktor Reshetnikov, "Taiga Planet", are discussing the future film
(c) Alexander Kolbin / Taiga Planet

In the course of shooting the film, the crew of Taiga Planet were "tied" to operative group, which worked under Forest operation. Dmitry Sychikov, head of the sustainable forest management department of the WWF-Russia Amur branch, was the main forest consultant for them. With his questions, Planet Taiga reached the ministerial offices as well. Kiril Berman, deputy minister of information technologies and communication of Khabarovsky province, and Alexey Kovrezhnikov, chief of the department of state control of the regional forest management, talked about the introduction of forestry informatization and the KEDR system.

Viktor Reshetnikov and Alexander Lazurenko (Taiga Planet) are talking with the logger (in the center)
(c) Alexander Kolbin / Taiga Planet
“The movement Taiga Planet unites hundreds of enthusiasts. And it is very important for us that such active young people could understand the problems of modern forestry. They travel a lot and see the results of the development of our precious taiga. I hope that after this joint expedition they will begin to apply new knowledge and become an active part of the public monitoring of forests,” says Dmitry Sychikov.

Khabarovsky province is one of the regions where KEDR satellite forest monitoring system is actively developing and is used in practice to control forest use in close cooperation with the Forest Management Department and the Ministry of Informatization of Khabarovsky province.

The movement Taiga Planet was formed in Komsomolsk-on-Amur of Khabarovsky province in 2014. In the beginning it was only a media project of the team that was making films about the native land. In 2014-2016, 20 documentaries about the most interesting natural sights were produced, a part of which the audience saw not only in social networks, but also on the Gubernia TV regional channel and Russian Extreme channel. Taiga Planet was awarded with prizes at various film festivals. The film “Forest and People” was prepared in 2017-2018 with the support of WWF-Russia and the EU. Today Taiga Planet is the public movement of a regional scale uniting hundreds of enthusiasts in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Headline photo: (c) WWF-Russia

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