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Timber company canceled the purchase of wood of dubious origion after WWF recomendations

01 march 2018
TM Baikal, a limited liability company from Irkutsk, on the basis of recommendations from WWWF experts canceled the purchase of wood of dubious origin. The wood might have been harvested with violations and damaged the high conservation value forests.

The decision to cancel the purchase was based on the fact the TM Baikal possesses FSC-certificate (the certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council). Being certified obliged the company to follow all regulations toconserve high conservation value forests (HCVF) and strive for conservation, economic and social balance while logging.

In January, 2018 TM Baikal issued a request to WWF to evaluate the compliance of the wood the company planned to purchase with the conservation requirements. The wood was planned to be purchased from several  smaller local companies.

We used the publicly available data on http://hcvf.ru/. The website contains the information on all HCVF sites in Russia. We examined the maps of the forest area rented by local timber companies and discovered that the territory contained some HCVF sites, the forest that demand conservation because of it high ecological value. At the same time timber companies harvest the wood for geological exploration and subsurface use reasons so it might threaten the HCVF. It is unacceptable for FSC-certificate holder such as TM Baikal, says Viktor Sipkin, WWF Altai-Sayan Forest Programme Coordinator.
In his official letter to WWF TM Baikal confirmed that the company cancelled the purchase for the conservation purpose because the legality and origin of the wood harvested by the local companies cannot be proved.
For the sake of saving of high conservation value forest and compliance with the mission on sustainable forest harvesting our company cancelled all contracts for purchasing of wood from the companies that cause damage to regional and worldwide valuable forest, says Sergey Govorov, TM Baikal Director General.
Forest near water objects.
The wooden poll used to mark the land for surface resources use.
Forest in Irkutsk Oblast
(с) WWF Russia

Nikolay Shmatkov, WWF Russia Forest Programme Director welcomes the decision of TM Baikal that ensured the origin of the wood purchased by FSC-certificate holder.

TM Baikal can be praised for its willingness to have dialogue with conservation organizations and it active role and position to work in compliance with conservation regulations. The possibility for all parties concerned to participate ensures the openness of the process and improves the quality of certification. The main goal of partnership between WWF and timber companies is to conserve the biodiversity of Russian forests.
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