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WWF’s «Forest Guards» win Glamour Eco Awards

22 april 2021
WWF-Russia’s project “Forest Guards” focused at intact forest conservation, today celebrating 2 years since its launch, has been rewarded with Glamour Eco Awards 2021.

WWF-Russia launched “Forest Guards” project 2 years ago – on the International Earth Day 2019. Project is aimed at Russian intact forest (IFL) conservation. At forest.wwf.ru you can learn about the importance of the intact forests, their role in the overall ecosystem of the planet and in the life of rare species of animals, to see where IFLs are located, as well as you can start them with WWF in one of the project’s region. In 2 years 1775 people and 15 companies have already supported and joined WWF’s “Forest Guards”.

Today on its birthday the project has been rewarded with Glamour Eco Awards 2021. One of the Award’s goals is to gather best Russian eco-initiatives and raise awareness about the projects helping people to make the first move to sustainable living.

“Due to the audience analysis conducted in the beginning of 2021, sustainable living is important for more than 97% of Glamour readers; more than 50% of readers want to know about brands and companies sustainable policies; 21% of respondents are ready to financially support initiatives, services and projects on biological diversity conservation,” says Victoria Bukharkina, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development in Glamour Russia.

This year the award ceremony took place in the Botanical Garden of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and hosted public talks with influencers, experts and award winners about sustainable society development, biodiversity conservation, recycling, and ecological awareness. Public talks were hosted by singer and eco-activist Nushal Iowa music group frontwoman Katia Ivanchikova; #FollowMeTo travel-project cofounder and fashion influencer Natalia Osmann; TV-presenter, producer and WWF-Russia’s Ambassador Elena Letutchaya. All the public talks were moderated by Glamour Russia’s Editor in Chief Ilyana Erdneeva. 

Public talk with experts and influencers during Glamour Eco Awards 2011, the Botanical Garden of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Irina Vorobieva presents WWF-Russia's "Forest Guards" project and perticipate in experts public talk, Glamour Eco Awards 2011
(c) WWF-Russia

“We are happy to be a part of Glamour Eco Awards and be its winner with our project “Forest Guards”. Glamour’s goal is to include environmental issues and sustainable consumption into modern agenda of fashion and lifestyle media. We welcome this initiative, and the fact that even more people thanks to Glamour will know about projects helping not only to form green habits, but to conserve our unique nature as well. – says Irina Vorobieva, Director of Corporate Relations and Supporters of WWF-Russia. – WWF-Russia’s “Forest Guards” project creates community of environmentally concerned people and business who understand that it’s vital to prevent loss and conserve last intact forests of Russia rather than recreate nature values after their degradation”.

The intact forests are the last oases of untouched nature where natural processes are not disturbed, are rare species of plants and animals are not being threatened yet. They are very important not only for the conservation of the Earth's biological diversity as they help regulate the climate and water regimes of the planet, protect the soil from degradation, and help rivers remain affluent. Only a fifth of all Russian forests remain in their intact form – this is 247 million hectares. According to a recent WWF survey, every year Russia loses more than 1.5 million hectares of intact forests due to logging, anthropogenic fires, road construction and mining. The loss speed is growing rapidly, as as early as in 80 years Russia may lose all its intact forests. Intact forests are complex ecosystems, and people won’t be able to replace their loss with tree planting. That’s why it is very important to conserve those intact forests that have been left.

The funds raised by “Forest Guards” project will be used for collecting and analyzing satellite imagery data, excluding the most valuable parts of intact forest from logging, involving environmental organizations and eco-activists into intact forests monitoring, as well as further assigning of legal protective status to them.

Let’s conserve intact forest together with WWF-Russia: https://forest.wwf.ru

Preview photo: (c) Glamour Russia. Headline photo: (c) Oleg Kabalik / WWF-Russia.

Intact Forests - the National Heritage of Russia

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