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1,834 ha of pristine taiga will be saved as compensation for damage from illegal logging in Dvina-Pinega nature reserve
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1,834 ha of pristine taiga will be saved as compensation for damage from illegal logging in Dvina-Pinega nature reserve

13 january 2020
WWF-Russia and Titan Group of Companies signed an agreement on the voluntary protection of adjacent to Dvina-Pinega nature reserve area of the pristine taiga area of 1,834 hectares.

This part of taiga of a high ecological value, which was not included in the boundaries of the landscape reserve established on October 1, 2019, is the most vulnerable in terms of logging in this area. Titan Group undertook to voluntary protect this section of pristine forest to compensate for the damage from illegal logging with a total area of about 150 hectares in the territory of the new reserve.

Earlier, WWF-Russia has already called on all the stakeholders to investigate, establish the reasons for the violation and take immediate action to improve the state control over the implementation of environmental legislation in terms of compliance with the PA regime, and also offered Titan Group as compensation to withdraw an additional section of the Dvina-Pinega taiga from the industrial development. As a result, the company immediately launched an investigation, and now signed with WWF-Russia, with the participation of FSC Russia, not only an agreement on the protection of an additional section of the HCV forest, but also a Road Map for HCVF protection until 2028.

The road map includes a plan of measures on conservation of biological and landscape diversity, including expansion of the existing protected areas and establishing new ones. It will be implemented in 24 forest areas in Arkhangelsk Region under the operational control of Titan Group, Arkhangelsk PPM, Sawmill 25 JSC. In addition, in 2020, Titan Group will begin to implement the intensive, but sustainable forestry model in the territory of its lease over the area of more than 2.5 million hectares.

(c) Igor Shpilenok

"We welcome the open behavior of the company and the long-term plans stipulated in the agreement to conserve ecologically valuable forests and to conduct proper forest management in already developed areas of the forest. For WWF-Russia, this is probably the first agreement with a timber company, where we not only stipulate the measures for the conservation of ecologically valuable forests, but also the measures for the transition to an intensive and environmentally responsible model of forest management in already developed forests. Economically profitable, and at the same time environmentally responsible forest management in already developed forests helps reduce the impact on intact forests, which have not yet experienced the anthropogenic influence and are home to many rare species of plants and animals," said WWF-Russia’s Forest Program Director Andrey Shchegolev.

WWF-Russia had been fighting for the Dvina-Pinega nature reserve creation for more than 17 years, and continues to monitor it now. In 2020, WWF-Russia plans to launch an innovative project in Arkhangelsk Region. It will be based on a landscape approach in the integrated development of the region, which will help to conserve ecologically valuable intact forests of the region.


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Headline and preview photos: (c) Igor Shpilenok

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