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Earth Hour in forests of Russian Amazon

22 march 2013
Citizens of the Russian Far East have decided to celebrate Earth Hour 2013 in an unusual way.

Staff of Forestry Department of the Far Eastern District and WWF experts will spend this Hour raiding protective forests of the Bikin River.  The purpose of the raid is to check the facts listed in the Appeal of the residents of Krasny Yar (the Nanai and Udege indigenous people national village in the north Primorye) to Vladimir Putin, Russia President. They ask Putin to stop new loggings in the forests leased as a 49-year conservation concession by the indigenous peoples’ commune «Tiger».

This is a sad tradition: practically every year the public has to campaign for saving the forest of the Russian Amazon. And every time this battle is won by collecting thousands of signatures and sending appeals to the high levels, and receiving Governmental commitments in return. Meanwhile, the problem could be solved once and forever by returning a ban for commercial cutting in protective forests into the Forest Code.

«I would prefer to meet Earth Hour at home by romantic candlelight, comments Dmitry Sychikov, the raid participant, sustainable forestry projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. But instead I had to barter away a warn evening for a freezing night in the Bikin taiga. Such is the job I have got… »