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19 june 2019
The world wildlife Fund (WWF) organized a workshop for activists and regional environmental NGOs to help them identify illegal logging activities. Within two days, the participants of the event in practice learned to find and identify facts of illegal economic activity in the Karachay-Cherkessia forests.
Arkhyz forestry of the Republic was not chosen by chance. Over the past year, WWF-Russia has been able to completely stop the illegal activities of loggers here. Today, the violations that could cause irreparable damage to the nature of the Caucasus are reminiscent of healthy trees with markings for cutting, skidding lugs and felling residues left in the forest. Today, healthy trees marked for cutting, benching runways and felling residues left in the forest as a reminder of violations that could cause irreparable damage to the Caucasus nature.
The result of illegal logging in Arkhyz forestry
(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia

WWF-Russia stopped illegal logging in the Republic, including with the assistance of activists who help to identify these facts. WWF experts organized workshop for volunteers as part of the development of sustainable and responsible forest management strategy.

The participants were representatives of Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Stavropol, Adygea and Krasnodar region. For two days, activists were shown how to distinguish legal logging from illegal one, how trees should be marked for cutting by state agencies, how to measure and account for felled trees.

Activists learn to work on the site of illegal logging
(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
«This training will help people who help us in the regions to improve their knowledge of illegal activities in the forests», - explains Elena Cherkasova, Forest Project Coordinator at the Russian Caucasus Office of WWF-Russia – «Now activists can make a basic analysis of the situation on the spot themselves, which saves time».
Workshop on detection of illegal logging
(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
WWF-Russia will continue to provide workshop to identify and suppress illegal logging for volunteers in the Russian Caucasus.
(c) Elena Cherkasova / WWF-Russia
Headline photo: (c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
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