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FSC Friday 2018: Photo Contest "Forests For All Forever''

30 august 2018
In the framework of the FSC Friday 2018 campaign, FSC Russia (Forest Stewardship Council®) launched a photo contest "Forests For All Forever".

If you support the idea of conserving forests for future generations, WWF-Russia and FSC Russia invite you to participate in a photo contest. Photos of the forest and products from sustainably managed forests bearing the FSC label are accepted for the competition. The authors of the best photographs will receive useful prizes from FSC Russia, and their pictures will be included in publications about forests. The photo contest is timed to the FSC Friday – the day of responsible attitude to the forest, which this year falls on September 28.

FSC Russia is the organizer of the photo contest "Forests For All Forever", a non-profit organization that promotes environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management worldwide.

"WWF-Russia supports the FSC certification, as it helps prevent degradation of forests and depletion of forest resources on our planet. Take part in the FSC Friday action and the Forest For All Forever photo contest so that as many people as possible could learn how sustainable consumption and production helps conserve the most valuable intact forests of the planet and their biological diversity," says Alexander Voropaev, WWF-Russia Forest Program coordinator of forest and trade projects.

Rules of the photo contest

  • To take part in the photo contest "Forests For All Forever" send up to ten images before September 21 to friday@fsc.org marked: photo contest "Forests For All Forever".
  • Please check the requirements of the contest in advance on http://www.friday.fsc.ru/idei-i-materialy/fotokonkurs
  • The names of the winners are to be announced on 28 September, on the FSC Friday. The authors of the best photographs will receive useful prizes from FSC Russia, and selected photos will decorate the publications of FSC Russia.


  1. Forest, full of life are landscape, macro, forest dwellers pictures, etc. You must indicate where the photo was taken;
  2. Products from sustainably managed forests are art pictures, where there are products with the FSC label in the frame (in the picture there can also be people, plants and everything that will prompt the author's imagination);
  3. Forestry and forest products (for FSC-certified forests and companies) pictures from forest sites, forest infrastructure objects, art work, from FSC-certified forest sites (not revealing commercial secrets);
  4. People and forest/people and production (for FSC-certified forests and companies) — photo stories as people enjoy the beauty of nature, work in the forest or at FSC-certified forest sites.

Important: people in the frame must give their consent to be photographed so that FSC Russia could use these pictures for further commercial purposes.

(c) FSC Russia

What is the FSC Friday?

Every year for the last 10 years on the last Friday of September, the world celebrates the day of responsible attitude to forest, the FSC Friday. In 2018, the holiday falls on September 28. On this day, people who are keen on the environment, as well as companies that support the idea of sustainable attitude to the forest, hold open lectures for adults, conduct eco-classes for children, "green" parties for friends, plant trees, write articles, etc. The action has no restrictions, so that everyone can celebrate this holiday, as fantasy tells. The main goal is to prove concern for the forests on this day.

You can also tell as many people as you can about how important forests are, what benefits they bring to us, and how each person can influence the conservation of forests. If you want to join the FSC Friday or need ideas or materials, check out the official FSC Friday website http://friday.fsc.ru/

To follow the FSC Friday 2018 in Russia on social media, use the hashtag #FSCпятница

Forest in the life of a city dweller

It seems that the city dweller is not affected by the forest theme, but it is not. In fact, we are all surrounded by a huge amount of forest products! For example:

  • interior products (solid and wood panel furniture, parquet and laminate flooring, doors and windows);
  • paper, cardboard, food packaging, hygiene products, napkins that are made of pulp, made of wood and / or waste paper, which was also once wood;
  • honey, berries and mushrooms are also native to the forest, and also an important source of income for the inhabitants of small villages in wooded areas;
  • natural rubber is also obtained from the forest (from the Hevea tree, which grows in tropical forests) and is used to make rubber shoes, tires, yoga mats and other products;
  • fabrics viscose, modal, lyocell and rayon are made from cellulose of vegetable and woody origin.

It is very important to pay attention to the origin of the goods. If the product is FSC labeled, then the product comes from sustainably managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council scheme. In such forests, logging is carried out legally, while observing the rights of local people and employees of the forest industry, and the natural values and biodiversity is conserved. Companies that want to label their products with the FSC mark, every five years "pass" a difficult "exam" and every year confirm their results. If you have an FSC labeled product, you can be sure that it comes from sustainably managed forests.

Preview and headline photos: (c) FSC Russia

For additional information please contact
FTN-Russia Manager - Association of Environmentally Responsible Producers of Forest Products