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Премия рунета 2017


30 may 2018
The recommendations for companies that produce and sell interior products made of wood, which want to show good results at the Goodwood®-2018 eco-rating, held by the FSC Russia (Forest Stewardship Council), WWF-Russia, and other organizations have been published.

Within the framework of the independent eco-rating, held for the fifth time this year, the environmental safety of products, as well as the overall environmental responsibility of producers and sellers of wood products for home and office are evaluated. The main goal of the rating is to help the Russian market of wood products increase their environmental responsibility, as well as to tell Russian consumers which companies' products can be recognized as environmentally friendly, and which ones are dangerous for nature and human health.


Companies that produce or sell wood boards or wood products for interior (furniture, parquet, laminate, window frames, doors, stairs, etc.).


  1. legality of the origin of wood and the absence of wood of rare species in the product range;
  2. health safety;
  3. environmental policy of the company.

(c) FSC Russia


Experts of FSC Russia have compiled "Greening recommendations", which will help companies prepare for an independent assessment of their activities in terms of environmental safety and responsibility.

Guided by the below tips, companies will be able to improve the environmental performance of their products, strengthen the environmental image, and thus prepare for the Goodwood® eco-rating.

The given recommendations can be used as a simple guide to improve the environmental image of the company, referring to the block of the simplest pieces of advice for implementation. A detailed plan can be also provided, if you want to increase the environmental friendliness of your products and the company as a whole, following the recommendations of the blocks of medium complexity and at the advanced level.

The detailed points to be performed to show a good result at the Goodwood® rating are presented on the official website goodwood.fsc.ru


The requirements of eco-rating Goodwood® that are simple to fulfill are primarily associated with greater openness of product characteristics, those that are already included in the product and which for some reason are not shown in open information sources. The requirements also include supplier control, participation in environmental campaigns and minor changes in the company's policy that are easy to implement.


The medium level requirements refer to obtaining various certificates and confirming the eco-safety of products, as well as drafting an environmental policy, which the company shall adhere to. In order to obtain the certificates, help will be required on part of other companies and eco-consultants.


The most labor consuming requirements in terms of efforts on the way to production greening are at the same time the most convincing and efficient for sustainable and environmentally responsible business! These include obtaining own FSC-certificate and various eco-labels, strict control of suppliers for the environmental safety of their products and drafting an annual sustainable development report in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) criteria. To meet these requirements, cooperation with other companies is needed and all company policies shall be adapted correspondingly. One can endlessly improve in the "green sector", and FSC can help here.

The date when the participants can apply in 2018 will be announced later. Refer to the official website of the rating: goodwood.fsc.ru

Headline photo: (c) FSC Russia

For additional information please contact
FTN-Russia Manager - Association of Environmentally Responsible Producers of Forest Products