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Премия рунета 2017

Forest Troubadours contest

02 april 2013
In the last day of the school vacations 17 groups representing schools of Dalnerechensky District had a competition in the village of Vedenka, Primorye.

The Forest Troubadours contest was one of the activities in the joint working plan of WWF and District Education Department aimed at forest conservation and protection.

   Tiger Day, seminars for teachers, mobile exhibition of kids drawings Forests for Life, publication of booklets and calendars with vivid stories about valuable tree species and environmental dates – these are other parts of the plan already fulfilled here.

   Forest Troubadours contest is a spectacular continuation of the public awareness efforts. In their performances the kids presented not only forest problems but told the audience about its beauties and value for each and everybody on the Planet.

   The boys from the group “Green tree” were so enthusiastic when singing four-line folk rhymes about dishonest timber men and were so sincerely grieving over the lost forest that used to grow near their village that all spectators as one shouted “Attaboys!”

   Kids from another school presented a real show telling the story about commercial logging in protected forests, comparing the value of a living tree and a dead one. These two groups shared “gold medals” and got voucher for the environmental shift at the seaside.

   The second place was got by a group “Ants”. The girls dressed as ants unveiled the life of an ant-hill explaining the idea that it is rather complicate to live in the forest without these small “assistants”.