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Премия рунета 2017

GoodWood-2017 named the most ecologically responsible wood manufacturers and providers

24 november 2017
The results of the 4th independent eco-rating GoodWood-2017 established by WWF-Russia, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-Russia) and a number of other stakeholders have been announced.

Its main goal is to raise the environmental responsibility level of the Russian market of household items made of wood and to tell Russian consumers which companies’ products could be considered as eco-friendly or dangerous for their health and environment.

This year 57 manufacturers and providers of household items made of wood were evaluated by the expert committee. The main criteria for the selection of the finalists was the legal wood origin and absence of any rare wood types in the product range, health safety, and environmental policies of the company.

GoodWood-2017 Award Ceremony
(c) FSC-Russia

Eco-rating put all the participants in order in respect of their environmental responsibility level. The most environmentally friendly companies were marked as “green” A category. The companies which products most probably were produced from illegal wood, non-ecological materials and could be considered dangerous for people health were marked as “red” D category.

The results of GoodWood-2017 showed that there is upward trend on the market comparing to the last year’s data. However, not all problems have been sold already. Most providers don’t control the eco-characteristics of materials the purchased items are made of. They have poor knowledge of voluntary forest certification system and as a result they can’t explain the advantages of certified products to the consumers.

“We have to promote the environmental awareness on the market to raise its environmental responsibility level. Russian consumers have to know that they support conservation of biodiversity and national forest heritage while they buy certified and legal wood products made with low environmental impact. Shopping on “grey” wood market means the support of illegal logging and devastation of most valuable forests of our country,” says Alexander Voropaev, Manager of GFTN-Russia (Association of environmentally responsible timber producers).

Full list of GoodWood-2017 finalists could be found at goodwood.fsc.ru

Headline photo: (c) FSC-Russia