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Sustainable Forest Companies of Irkutsk Region Acknowledge the Importance of Conserving the Valuable Habitats During Logging
Премия рунета 2017

Sustainable Forest Companies of Irkutsk Region Acknowledge the Importance of Conserving the Valuable Habitats During Logging

23 september 2019
WWF-Russia Forest Program experts presented the field identification guide of valuable habitats to conserve aimed at logging companies.

The presentation took place on 10-11 September in the city of Bratsk in Irkutsk Region in the framework of the SibWoodExpo exhibition that hosted the business companies and local authorities. 

The field guide for Irkutsk Region was published by WWF Forest Program in partnership with the scientists of the Baikal research centre "Wild Nature of Asia" with support from the Ministry of Forestry of the Irkutsk Region. This guide contains  description and guidelines for identification of valuable habitats that have to be conserved during logging, and the recommendations for their conservation applicable for the region.  

Presentation of the field guide
(c) WWF-Russia / Anna Kirillova
"Irkutsk Region is one of the main forest regions in Russia. Forest is not only the source of timber as it performs valuable ecological functions such as supporting the hydro-biological balance, hosts the habitats of animals and plants. This is why it is very important to consider the areas crucial for biodiversity conservation during logging. Moreover, there are many FSC-certified companies in the region which have to consider biodiversity conservation as one of the key principles of certification," says Anna Kirillova, WWF-Russia Forest Program coordinator in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.
Examples of key valuable habitats in Irkutsk Region
(c) WWF-Russia / Viktor Popov

The recommendations for biodiversity conservation during logging was approved by the law of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in 2017 (the regulation № 72 from February, 27). The law obliges logging companies to conserve the key habitats, the areas crucial for conservation of animals, plants and rare landscapes. Most regions of Russia have already approved the local regulations on biodiversity conservation during logging based on the federal document. The Ministry of Irkutsk Region approved the regulation in 2018 as well.

Nevertheless, the logging companies still have uncertainty and have the lack of experience in identifying the key valuable habitats or the Red Data Book species of plants and animals. The field guide was especially developed and published by WWF-Russia Forest Program to help business conserve biodiversity effectively. WWF-Russia continues to assist the logging companies to protect intact forests as well.  

Headline photo: (c)  Viktor Popov / WWF-Russia

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